Member Testimonials

The main reason that I really like the BSCoC is that you and the rest of the staff there enthusiastically care about all of your members. You all truly demonstrate that by actively making connections among members and helping us to promote ourselves in the business and greater community. I really value the opportunity to meet and network with other businesses (probably why you see us at so many events), and the BSCoC does an excellent job of facilitating those events and opportunities. I particularly appreciate that you offer sponsorships and opportunities at every price point and membership level. It makes me feel included, especially as a new business just getting started.

- Chris M., Moraway Adventures


The Big Sky Chamber has helped us establish connections with other businesses in the Big Sky community, as well as offer events and updates within their community. The Big Sky Chamber does a great job bridging the gap for businesses operating in Bozeman that do business in Big Sky. Thanks, BSC!

- Sandi S., Supply Squad


From day one, the Chamber has supported the growth of our business. They live up to their reputation of standing up for the local community and its economy. From the ribbon cutting, to networking events, referrals, and marketing, they have been an influential voice for Big Sky Natural Health.

- Kaley B., Big Sky Natural Health 


The Big Sky Chamber supports Discovery Academy as a local, nonprofit organization by helping us to share job postings and year-round program information. This community partnership is integral to helping us expand our resources. 

- Hannah R., Discovery Academy


Our company has been a part of the Big Sky Chamber for over 7 years, and let me tell you, this has been an amazing experience for our company. They genuinely care about who you are and what you’re looking for. They strive to get you plugged into the community, join in and network, and talk about business challenges that we face every day. Anna and Caitlin actually did a social media shout-out for us at the beginning of the year, which was very helpful, and we were very thankful for that. So, if you’re looking to get plugged in and have any questions, please contact them. 

- Stephanie S., Dayspring Restoration


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