2024 Career Fair - Visit & Chamber Team


Last week, the second annual Big Sky Futures Career Fair convened representatives from twenty-seven businesses across various industries in the region. From construction to hospitality, health and wellness to non-profits, the event provided an invaluable opportunity for students, ranging from High School Freshmen to Seniors, to explore potential career paths and engage with professionals.

Connecting Students to Future Careers

The core objective of the Big Sky Futures program is to introduce students to a wide array of career opportunities while facilitating connections between academia and the business community. This year, students from Lone Peak High School and The Discovery Academy had the chance to participate and gain insights into their future prospects.

Businesses showcased their commitment to student engagement through a variety of interactive activities. Heather Rapp of Heather Rapp Art offered a blank canvas and paint for students to express themselves creatively, while Big Sky Land Management provided a hands-on construction course featuring remote-controlled excavators. Lone Peak Physical Therapy conducted strength tests, and the Fire Department demonstrated their gear-up process for emergency responses.


Thank you to 2024 Big Sky Career Fair Participants

We extend our gratitude to all businesses who participated in this year's event, with special acknowledgment to those who journeyed from distant communities to enrich our local students' career fair experience. Notably, the National Parks Service demonstrated their commitment by traveling from West Yellowstone.

The Career Fair served as an invaluable platform for meaningful exchanges and valuable insights into the professional landscape for students and businesses alike. - Bethany Davies, Big Sky Chamber of Commerce