Snow Country Limo is no stranger to transporting folks in the Mountain West. The transportation service that began in Park City, Utah has now grown to serve Big Sky and Bozeman, moving people safely and conveniently to and from their favorite ski hill. Explore Big Sky chatted with Marketing Director Bob Kain about their move to Montana and an upcoming 25th anniversary.

This series is part of a paid partnership with the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce. The following answers have been edited for brevity.

Explore Big Sky: Let’s start with you—are you based in Big Sky. If so, when did you come to Big Sky and what brought you here initially?

Bob Kain: The company moved a management team to the area in the summer of 2021 and began recruiting drivers. The team was comprised of people with ties to southwest Montana and they are now based in both Big Sky and Bozeman. With the exponential growth happening at Big Sky, we identified the need in the community for a luxury transportation business. We had 22 years in the industry at the time, and felt like we had the right experience and vision to fill that need.

EBS: How did Snow Country Limo begin?

BK: Our owner Dave Swartz started Snow Country with one SUV in 1999 in Park City, Utah. As more friends and like-minded people joined the company, it organically grew to two, three, five, eight … all the way to the 170 employees and independent partners we have now at Big Sky and Park City. Our growth has largely been driven by the close relationships we have formed with the hotels and properties we work with, as well as other tourism groups within the communities.

EBS: When did it expand to Big Sky and what was the driving decision to do so?

BK: We were approached by the Montage hotel group during the 2020/21 winter, to see if we had any interest in expanding to the Big Sky area. At the time we were building back from the pandemic and had previously scouted a few areas for possible expansion. Working with a hotel the caliber of the Montage was a no brainer and we began the process of building our new Montana business.

EBS: What kinds of services do you offer that others may not in the area? What makes you guys unique?

BK: The consistent pursuit of excellence on every single transfer is what sets our business apart from the rest. We strive to provide a safe, timely and comfortable luxury experience on every single ride. From the latest high-end vehicles, to the friendliest and most knowledgeable drivers, Snow Country treats its clients like old friends. The importance of great relationships also extends to the hotels and community groups we work with. Together we all have the same goal, to ensure visitors have the best experience possible seeing all that our beautiful areas have to offer.

EBS: What is your favorite thing about running a business in the area?

BK: We love the feeling of a tight knit community like Big Sky. It’s what drew our founding members to Park City in the early 2000s, and has fueled our passion for hospitality ever since. The feeling of closeness, acceptance and accessibility to outdoor recreation within stunning mountain town communities is second to none, and it’s where we prefer to call home.

EBS: You transport a lot of people from all over the country (and probably all over the world) to and from a beautiful destination we are lucky to call home. Are there any stories or memories that stand out to you from your patrons when showing them the area for the first time?

BK: The reactions of first timers to Montana are always priceless. From the beauty of the Gallatin Canyon, to the inevitable run-in with local wildlife, passengers very quickly fall in love with rhythm and feel of the Big Sky state. Guests, particularly from the East Coast, are almost always blown away by the scale of everything in Montana, from the rivers and mountains to the wide-open ranges. Spotting a grizzly bear on a Yellowstone tour is always big hit!

EBS: Any celebration or milestones Snow Country Limo is celebrating?

BK: We are looking forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary this fall!

EBS: Is there any business advice you’ve received in years past that has stuck with you?

BK: If you take care of your employees and partners, they will take care of your guests. Also, it’s important to invest in your local community. Without the support of the communities where we do business, we could not be successful.