Ready for an unforgettable journey into Yellowstone National Park? If you haven't explored this natural wonder with a local guide yet, let us help you explore the options.


Because it's not just a trip; it's an immersive experience. While there are many reasons to book a guide, we've broken down the top three.

Not having to drive.  

By choosing not to navigate the road yourself, you free up mental space to soak in the stunning scenery. Enjoy the journey with a little less stress and a lot more time to savor every moment.

Local insight and knowledge. 

Our outfitters live locally, giving them an intimate understanding of the area and the ability to maximize your day in Yellowstone. 

Familiarity with wildlife patterns. 

Tour guides have extensive knowledge of the migratory patterns of Yellowstone’s wildlife and will be able to direct you towards prime viewing locations. 



With Big Sky as your adventure basecamp, you're in proximity to a plethora of tour guide outfitters ready to unveil Yellowstone's wonders in ways you never imagined.  Whether it's summer's vibrant landscapes or winter's snowy charm, Yellowstone's 3,472 square miles offer a playground of active geysers, majestic waterfalls, towering mountains, dense forests, and diverse wildlife. Trust us; there's always something new and exciting to discover in YNP.






Your local guide will point you towards the best experiences that include hidden gems, areas that avoid crowds, places to spot wildlife, and so much more. Guided tours operate throughout the spring, summer, and fall, with snowcoach and snowmobile options in the winter.

From Big Sky, these tours access the park through the West Entrance, just an hour south of our little town. Not all tours are created equal, and that's the beauty of it. Tailor your Yellowstone experience to your desires—whether it's wildlife, waterfalls, or geysers, there's a tour operator for you. To find the perfect guide that fits your needs explore our tour guide page: Yellowstone Tours.  Regardless of your choice, Yellowstone promises to be an unforgettable day-trip that pairs well with all that Big Sky has to offer.